Panobook 2012 competition participation

by Stephan Boog

With two panoramas of the Abbey of St. Urban I took part at Kolor Panobook 2012 Competition.
I submitted a picture of the nave and one of the choir in a “Little Planet view”.  On May 21, I got the confirmation that I was successful. I did not reach rankings 1 to 3, but the images were selected from approximately 1600 worldwide panoramas submitted for printing in the book, which of course makes me a bit proud.
Click on the third thumbnail on the Kolor Site and you will see the choir of the Abbey of St. Urban in the Little Plant View on the right side of the book.
For copyright reasons not to be found on any website. But it is worth to buy the book, it has really great panoramas in it and no, I get no commission ;-)

The picture on the left side in the book was taken by Karl Meier, a good friend of mine. The image shows the Botta church in Mogno in the Ticino.

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