Operation of panoramic views

by Stephan Boog

Only after clicking on the thumbnail the panoramas can be interactively moved in the menu below. The picture may be moved by clicking the arrows left, right, up down. With plus/minus one zooms into the picture.
On clicking on the button with the little house (home) leads you back to the starting position. The button with the four arrows in the corners switches back to full screen mode and back again. The same (more easier) function has also a double click in the picture. The button with the circular arrow can automatically rotate the image. The question mark explains the handling figuratively.
Movements in the picture are achieved by clicking with the left mouse button in the image and holding it. The picture can then be moved.
Move your mouse over the Google Maps logo and a map with the location of the recording is shown. The image can then be rotated synchronously with the radar flag. This does unfortunately not work on Android and iOS devices (yet).
Let it work: enable the largest possible screen, full screen, auto-rotate, take a little distance and enjoy. Have fun.

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