Development of the new website boogNET

by Stephan Boog

My first website was created by Hanspeter Leupin, a workmate. Later on I tried with the Content Management System by Contao myself; but failed quickly because of my modest knowledge. At the beginning of this year – and with the newly released version – I started again. The functionality of the first  site was the goal to be achieved. After various initial difficulties in viewing the panoramas I finally managed to reach my own needs. With little support, I was able to create the site mostly alone. It was important to me not to strive my colleagues regularly with my problems.
For the very difficult elements I was supported by Karl Meier
and Hanspeter Leupin. And I have learned a lot and so I was able to implement some ideas of my wife and my own. So there is a new news section, a search, a site map and the site is now bilingual. A very nice piece of work, but that is always more fun, the better you get it under control.

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