by Stephan Boog

After a long journey through France and an overnight stay we took the ferry to Dover. From here was driving on the left, one had to get used to it. Even as a pedestrian one was often looking at the “wrong” side.

The landscapes are gorgeous and the old manor houses are a dream – if one does not have to maintain them. One often gets the feeling, that time has stood still and the progress hass overtaken quickly Southern England.

Our guide Paul has informed us about various circumstances, so that we felt confirmed, that the locals are not very much interested in modern times. Why change something, if it had been working for hundreds of years. So we often noticed sinks with separate faucets left and right for cold and warm water.

The “end” of England – like so many points of interest – were met only at cloudly and non photogenic weather. The short cliff walk was very impressive, even if one had to be vertigo when taking a picture on the abyss.

Also in Stonehenge the weather changed quite rapidly and we were not the only visitors as may be seen on the photograph.

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