by Stephan Boog

As we lilked the Camargue because of its landscape, the animals and mainly the local people, we had to visit it again. And onething is for sure: it was definitely not the last time.

During this visit we could attend the great bullfights and can now really understand, why people are so exited. We were very much attracted. To keep in mind: this is a French bullfight. There is not bleeding and the animals even get a break, should they be exhausted. This is sports and no animal cruelty. The goal is to steal the bull’s colored ribbon on the horns and the badge on the forehead.

After the bullfight I got the permission to take a picture of a “real” Frenchman in the sunset. See the picture on the marina. Nothing more typical.

The flamingoes are feeded in the animal park, but they can fly away at any time. None of them is forced to stay, so it is obvious that they do not bother to search their food by themselves. Nevertheless, a good opportunity to make some nice pictures.

The Arnauds have already been mentioned. They possess a large bull breed and they may visited and watch the “cattle drive” there. The daughter played at Théâtre Equestre Camarkas. An unforgettable spectacle with music and various horse shows. Unfortunately it is very dark and there are only a few good pictures.

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